Monday, January 31, 2011

sketches for painting ideas in pencil

Here are some sketches of different painting ideas I've been working through. I usually like to just show off my finished work but I'm trying to post more of the preliminary aspects of my work. I just thought these would be fun to show.

sketches studies in watercolor

This is another part of my sketches I've been doing based on the same persons face in different emotions. These were some of my favorite in terms of showing anger, my friend J did a great job modeling for this painting. This one was done in watercolor and isn't finished but I got to the point I wanted to and learned a lot about portraying the same face from different angles.

sketch studies in oil

I've been working on study sketches working in different mediums based on the same person's head from different angles in different emotions. These sketches are created for a future finished painting which will show one person going through a visual transformation of worship. the idea is to show that true worship is coming where we are in our joy an in our suffering. I think a lot of Christian art shows an idealized form of worship in only happiness, which leaves out suffering and anger which are just as important parts of worshipping and communicating to God. The painting idea is to show one person in all different emotions which will show that we are all over the place when we come to God but that God is constant throughout. These are studies based on pictures of one of my freinds named blake, they aren't finished which is kinda the purpose of a study to do it as a warm up. Anyway enjoy!