Monday, December 20, 2010

PAO Conference

One of my most favorite jobs I do is painting for a conference. I will be hired to paint for the duration of a conference on large canvas panels (4ft x 8ft) and I will paint a visual story that mirrors the theme and messages of the conference. I like it because I'm a perfectionist and it forces me to express myself honestly and not be able to correct all the flaws but to just focus on the message. I recently had the honor of painting at a PAO Conference in Orlando, Fl. The conference was based around giving up the things that get in the way of God and the redemption that only God can give in our lives and marriages. You can see the storyline of the suffering that comes from brokenness and self-reliance and then the freedom of Christ breaking the chains of sin in handing your life over to God. You can scroll through the pictures of the paintings and lastly there is a video of me explaining my art at the end of the conference.