Thursday, August 26, 2010

InMenlo's article

InMenlo just recently asked to do a feature on my art. Linda and Chris who run InMenlo came over to my studio to see the art and meet with Brooke and I. They were absolutely incredible and it was a joy to get to know them. Check out the article here:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just wrapping up the justice wall

I've been working on an absolutely amazing project, what makes it amazing is the cause, not my art. I have been commissioned create an mural and installation on a large wall that is all about justice. 'The justice wall' is the moniker we've given it and it is located at Open Door Church San Mateo . The wall is an exploration of injustice and redemption. I'm just wrapping up the finishing details today on the wall but I thought I'd post some pictures of some of the process. I took the newspaper burnings I have been working on scanned them and printed them out much larger to emphasize their effect. I then installed them on the wall to look as ashes falling from the burnt images. The second half of the wall is the redemptive side showing faces in flowing multi-colored liquid. I'll post the finished pics soon ut I hope you enjoy. My art is mean to serve so I hope that it may serve you.